Meet one of our Techs & Local Photographer

One of our studio techs and local photographer Abi Polinsky shot an editorial test shoot for model Luca Vigorelli (signed with Major Milan and Wilhelmina LA) last week at our Starr Street photo studio space. The photos came out striking and strong, just what the model needed to expand his book. Check out his work, as well as some behind the scenes photos. 1. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

The model we were shooting with needed to expand his book for a few agencies he’s involved with, and so the stylist and I wanted to make sure we gave him a batch of photos that was different from most of what he had in his portfolio. Sometimes it can be challenging to make a sustained and exciting shoot when you’re just shooting a series of outfits on a white background, but I think we succeeded in making a lot of unique and exciting images out of a fairly simple set up. Making a lot out of a little can be quite a lot of fun!

2. What was your favorite part of the production?

I think it was the shots to which everyone on the shoot got to have an equal contribution. When the stylist is coming up with unique outfits, I’m coming up with interesting angles, and the model is bringing his own flair and posing, all in the same shot, that’s exciting. I think those situations produce some of the best pictures.

3. Go to equipment or camera for this project?

LUMIX GH4 with Profoto lighting.

Check out more of his work at