Music Video // Directors Notes

This past week Producer India Sleem shot a music video for artist Madge at our Starr Street. We reached out to India to get some insights on this awesome project. Look out in February we will be doing a feature on Madge and the dropping of the music video. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

1.The song explores themes of abuse and emotional manipulation so we wanted to echo that with shots of Madge wearing sunglasses to hide her "black eye", lots of punching, attitude, and ending with a bloody nose.

What was your favorite part of the production?

2. Working with Madge is seriously great because she knows how to perform for the camera and she's down to try anything!

Go to equipment or camera for this project?

3. Sony A7R ii and Sigma 35mm F1.4 - simple yet beautiful!

Thank you for working at our photo studio, ladies!