MEMBER SPOTLIGHT // Bridget Badore


In honor of February's special ❤️day, Starr Street member and Bushwick Local, Bridget Badore, came by Studio A to use the first of her 8 monthly membership hours to create a gorgeous and empowering "Galentine's Day" featurette.  We were so struck by the bright, airy feel of the shoot — the colors, the textures, the pride! — that we knew we had to talk to her more. To see more of work, receive calls for collabs, or to take part in candid discussions of mental health, grief, and the destigmatization of therapy, follow her on Instagram @bridgetbadore, or check out her gorgeous webpage

We spoke to Bridget about what inspires her, what brought her to Starr, and what she hopes to get our of her membership.

Enjoy her words, and — of course — her photos!

— Joey @ Starr


Tell us a little about yourself, and what brought you to Starr Street?

I'm a freelance editorial & portrait photographer living in Bushwick. I've been in the neighborhood for years and had shot at Starr Street a few times, but recently committed to a monthly membership to find more consistency in my studio practice. 

I'm originally from a small town outside of Syracuse, New York, and moved to NYC to study at the School of Visual Arts where I graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Photography.

 I've been taking photographs since I was a kid. When I was three years old, my father died of cancer. He took countless photographs and home videos in his time, which I believe subconsciously inspired my own need to document! I was given his old 35mm camera when I was around 9, before I had access to photography classes, so my first experiences of image-making learned through his old notes and manuals.

Photography became a mechanism to understand my fear of loss, mistrust of memory, and general curiosity with people. My personal work often deals with nostalgia, vulnerability, and the concept of home. 

The artist herself on set in Starr Street Studio A

The artist herself on set in Starr Street Studio A

What's your artistic vision and did you feel Starr helped you bring this out in your photo shoot?

This particular shoot was just a fun excuse for my to experiment in studio with a bunch of my friends. In celebration of self love, and just in time for Valentines/Galentines Day, I asked folks to show up wearing whatever made them feel confident and sexy.

I really love to create a feeling of intimacy and intimacy in my work, as well as on set. I love that I have enough room in studio A to set up everything for my shot, with enough space for everyone involved to relax and feel comfortable in the same room. I love the little couch setup where anyone involved in the shoot can hang out and get to know each other. 


How was your Starr Street Experience overall? Will you be back?

It was fantastic! It was actually my first shoot as a member and I'll be coming back 8 hours each month to fulfill my membership hours ;) 

Thanks for stopping by, Bridget. And thank you for your membership!

We can’t wait to see you back at Starr Street soon!

Joey Rubin