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All photos by Donna Viering, .

All photos by Donna Viering,

Portion Mag is a new force online for ethical fashion reporting and inclusivity in fashion photography. They came by Starr Street to shoot with local visionaries and collaborators and refused to leave until they created a masterpiece. We couldn’t be prouder to have hosted them in our space and are eager for them to return. Don’t hesitate to visit them online at,  to explore their editorial spreads at, and stay tuned for their Spring and Summer events which will be announced soon!

We spoke to the Portion Mag team about what they wanted to get out of Starr Street, and why they want to come back.

Enjoy the chat, and the photos!

— Joey @ Starr

Photo by Donna Viering

Photo by Donna Viering

SS: Tell us a little about your magazine and your work. What's your niche? What's your artistic vision and what drives you creatively?

PM: Our magazine focuses on circular industries, the fashion industry in particular.

Our goal is to discuss areas where ethical, sustainable and/or transparent developments are needed. We create content in collaboration with individuals, brands, researchers and other creatives whose goal is to promote a more circular industry.

We also focus on building a community and promoting inclusivity of all aspects. Our vision is to have a community of collaborators and readers who want to know how they can contribute to the longevity of this movement.

Photo by Donna Viering

Photo by Donna Viering

SS: What was the focus of your Starr Street shoot? How did it come out?

PM: The focus of our most recent editorial in your space was to highlight several different NYC based designers. We wanted to show the different ways they were carving out a path within this industry.

Starr Street helped by being flexible and open up to us using the space in a way that made executing the vision easily. The editorial was one of our strongest yet! Thanks to the resources available in your space and our team’s knowledge.

Photo by Donna Viering

Photo by Donna Viering

SS: What's next for you and your magazine?

PM: We would like to make consistent content monthly for social, web and print content.

We definitely want to build a relationship with the Starr Street team to continue using your space! Starr Street is an affordable and resourceful. We definitely recommend your space to creatives who are looking for a studio to do small to medium projects!

Aw, shucks! Thanks for stopping by to make Portion Mag magic at Starr Street.

We can’t wait to have you back!

Joey Rubin