Studio A.


Studio a is the engine of our membership program.



Studio A is our main working studio space and where members book the shoot time that is included with their membership.  It is ideal for small and medium-sized photography and video shoots, webisodes, lookbooks, editorials, interviews, greenscreen shoots, music videos and e-commerce shoots. The space is 1000 sq ft and has dimensions of 38′ x 26′ with 13′ ceilings, making it an excellent space for still photography, videos shoots. South-facing windows provide ample natural lighting; windows can easily be blacked out for total light control.

Included in the rental cost is a full Profoto lighting kit and various modifiers for members and guests. Rolling stands/crossbeam for hanging seamless paper background are also included for members and guests. For members, white seamless and any partial color rolls in stock are included. White seamless is $25 per pull for non-members, and custom colors can be ordered for $75 per 9 foot roll.

  • 2 Hour Shoot: $150

  • 4 Hour Shoot: $200

  • 8 Hour Shoot: $350

  • 10 Hour Shoot: $425

  • 12 Hour Shoot: $500

 Studio A Floor Plan.