Operator Music Band // 'EE UNSH' Video

 Operator Music Band // "EE Unsh"


Back in January we had Brooklyn based indie kraut outfit, Operator Music Band in our studio rental space to shoot their latest project. After much anticipation, the video for  'EE UNSH'  just dropped like a friendly bomb into our laps and it is truly something special. Much like their music, the imagery and vibrant colors throughout the video are enough to stir something up deep inside of the viewer. Though beautiful and exciting, there's something a bit unnerving about this hyper modern visual exploration and the world that Operator Music Band has created.

The beginning sequence draws you into the atmospheric abyss of sound over Dara's opening lyrics with slow pans of isolation reminiscent of Kubrick or even Jodorowsky. The hypnotic build carries on until being interrupted by the punch of her angular bassline, then exploding into a spastic fit of noise and free form jazz before locking us back in line. The captivating images and creatures that surface throughout the video come at us like a series of random dreams, toying with our imagination while tapping along to the beat that holds it all together. As mentioned in our previous interview, composer and front woman of the band, Dara Hirsch, not only directed the video, but designed all of the costumes as well.

“I spent a few weeks designing and crafting the masks and costumes, which left my apartment covered in rubber bands, glue, yarn, styrofoam, and enough materials to make it look like the scene of a muppet murder…”

Check it out here!



words by justin buschardt