Bullett Media // Cherry Glazer

Bullett Media // Clementine Creevy

We recently had our friends with Bullett Media in our photo studio rental space doing a special shoot for the ever innovative Clementine Creevy, who fronts LA based scuz, noise-pop band, Cherry GlazerBullett Media poses as both a magazine and web media platform with a  passion for creating and uncovering prominent work in the world of fashion, art, media and design.  The young but very much in charge Clementine just recently released her sophomore album titled, "Apocalipstick" which is a step in a more anthemic, feminist driven direction than the bands previous full length. It wouldn't be far off to compare the vibe of this body of work to a modern day Patti Smith with perhaps more of an experimental edge while staying heavy on the riffs.


Creevy started playing music in high school and hasn't slowed down since, landing her a top position in the LA garage rock scene. With the help of a couple of rather explosive albums under her belt, she found her way into a role on Amazon's hit show Transparent along with the Saint Laurent Runway. Though she has become more and more high profile as time has gone by, she still avoids having a social media presence as she prefers a more organic approach to networking in this big scary world of entertainment. Check out her interview along with some of the powerful photographs from this NYC production that go along with her feature here.