Bullett Media // Tei Shi


We had our friends at Bullett Magazine into our photo studio rental space a couple of weeks back to do a feature on NYC based pop singer/songwrirter, Tei Shi in honor of her new album, Crawl Space.  The direction and overall set design was brought on by photographer, Chris Schoonover and his brother/videographer, Jonathan Schoonover. The look basically feels like a cozy bedroom with warm lighting coming through in bars between the spaces of homemade plastic blinds creating a serene and rather personal environment. The photos of Tei Shi play like a lookbook, showcasing a number of different styles and brands while the behind the scenes video element creates a lowfi VHS grain to further set a nostalgic tone. To dive a bit deeper into Tei Shi's outlook and songwriting process, take a look at the interview here.