Artist Feature // Madge Music

It's finally here! A few weeks back we posted an interview with director India Sleem on her work with the insanely talented Madge.

For those who don't know the killer team: Madge is from Utah but now resides in LA. She has been hitting the top charts on Spotify, with this new song "Fight or Flight Club". India, who you've already met in our past interview is also from Utah but now lives and works in Manchester, England. Thanks to her instagram following and her unique and dynamic outlook on color, she's become one of the hottest new video directors in her age group.

Now to follow up here's an interview with the one and only, Madge:

1. What was the inspiration behind the creative direction of this video? 


: We wanted to go for a new wave feel with an early 90s spin. It's a fun mash up of lo-fi and fashion. 

2. What pulled everything together for your on set look? 


That red beret and my bloody nose for sure!

3. What was your favorite prop & or backdrop for this project? 


: The fake blood against that amazing gray backdrop! Ooh or maybe those killer sunglasses that made me look like cyclops...

4. What’s the next big move for you? 


: I'm currently scoring a short film and I have an EP in the works. I can't wait to see what other kind of momentum comes from this first single. 

A big thanks to both ladies for making the trip to Brooklyn to use our studios!

We've attached the video for your viewing pleasure! Or watch it on youtube and our instagram page!


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