Bubi Canal is a Spanish photographer and artist who graced our studio this month with his effervescent presence and otherworldly style. His favorite themes — love, dreams, hope — recur in ways that will stir you up and surprise you throughout his photography. You could see them on display, along with sci-fi inspired panache, in everything he created at Starr Street.

If you want to go on a journey with Bubi, we recommend starting here:, or @bubicanal on Instagram. And we do recommend it.

We spoke to Bubi about what drives his art, who he collaborates with, and where in the world he’s headed next. Here’s what he had to say. Enjoy!


SS: Tell us a little about yourself and your work. What's your niche? What's your artistic vision and what drives you creatively?

BC: My name is Bubi Canal, I’m an artist from Spain based in New York. I work in the fields of photography, sculpture and video. My references range from pop culture to vintage Japanese television. In creating my photos, I combine elements from the outside world with intuition manifesting characters from alternate realities. To give the portraits a natural and spontaneous feel, I script scenarios with friends and people I know.


SS: What was the focus of your Starr Street shoot? And how did Starr Street help facilitate it? How did it come out?

BC: These photos were a commission for ‘Encounters on Fashion and Contemporary Tradition’, at La Encartada Museum in the Basque Country in Spain. We had a great time at Starr Street Studios that day. The model is friend Shiori Miyashita, make-up by Megumi Kashimura and belt by Valentin Amartey.


SS: What's next for you and your work?

BC: I’m working on a new photography series realized in New York, where I live and work, and my hometown, Santander for a solo show at the CAC Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati on July. I’m very excited!

We’re excited, too, Bubi! We can’t wait to see it, and to host you at Starr Street again soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Joey Rubin