Operator Music Band

Operator Music Band recently graced our studios with their funky, new age presence to put together their new music video for their song ‘Communication 4.’ It was directed by Barbie Boy and hair/makeup was done by Izumi Sato. The music video is like nothing you’ve seen before!
Break Thru Radio TV recently ran a feature on the band and their recent EP, which includes this amazing song! BTR said, “New York rock group Operator Music Band land somewhere on planet sound between Kraftwerk and Devo, with minimalist, repetitive pulsations and woozy synth swells forming a base for their punchy, hypnotic future-music. Perhaps a bit retro but also totally of the moment, Operator Music Band is here and needs to be heard.”

Watch their video and enjoy the amazing concepts behind it!

Their Coördination EP is available now from their producing label,New Professor Music.